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Challenge #2 [06 Oct 2005|09:41pm]

The winner of the poll was Kyle as you all know, so this week's challenge obviously feautures her. Enjoy!

This is what gonna make me famous... bitch.Collapse )
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The Winners! [06 Oct 2005|09:31pm]

Here are the winners:

1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -

And the winner of the 'Who To Feauture' poll was Kyle. The next challenge will be up shortly.

Meanwhile... get the banners below!Collapse )
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Get Voting! [04 Oct 2005|06:00pm]

Please vote for your favorite three icons in a comment to this post. Please don't vote for yourself and remember, votes for more or less than three will be discounted. Also don't forget to vote for who you want featured in next week's challenge.

Voting ends Thursday at 6pm Eastern (-5GMT)

My icon is better than yours!Collapse )

My model is better than yours!Collapse )
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Challenge #1 [30 Sep 2005|07:51pm]

Welcome to Get It All, an ANTM cycle 5 icon contests community! Hope you guys have fun and enter all of the challenges. Also don't be shy and feel free to drop and suggestions or comments. Well let's get the party started!

Get your first base under the cut!Collapse )
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Q & A [30 Sep 2005|07:43pm]

If you have any questions or comment about Get It All, please post them here and I'll try to answer your question or comment as soon as possible. Also, before asking a question make sure to look at past questions on this post and check the community rules and information right here to see if you question hasn't already been answered.
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